Melee Weapon Hit

There are actually numerous skills for hitting with melee weapons, which vary according to the type of weapon used. These skills may be applied to virtually any object employed as a weapon.

Each weapon has either one of these following categories for its hit check or a hybrid of them:

Slashing: Cutting weapons with an extended blade, such as katanas, scimitars, or curved daggers.
Thrusting: Long, pointed weapons, such as spears.
Stabbing: Short, pointed weapons, such as roundels or picks.
Bashing: Heavy, striking weapons on a short shaft, typically blunt, such as clubs and hammers.
Chopping: Weapons like bashing weapons, save that they have a wedge or spike on the end, such as an axe.
Sweeping: Longer weapons, swung on a pole, such as a glaive or naginata.
Swinging: Weapons of any length swung on a chain, such as a flail or chain.
Ramming: Weapons deployed by striking with the weight of the body behind the shoulder, such as battering rams, shields, or strikes with the shoulder itself.
Grappling: Weapons used to seize part of the target’s body, such as bare hands or a garrote. Punching: Weapons deployed by striking with the fist, such as unarmed punches.
Kicking: Weapons deployed by striking with the foot or leg, such as unarmed kicks.
Bucking: Weapons deployed by striking with the head, such as headbutts or attacks with horns.

Hybrids take any combination of the above skills and are trained as completely independent skills (save that the skills they are composed of may be treated as related skills. They are marked by combining the names of the skills hybridized and separating them with a /. Weapons that have multiple, significant means of striking will use hybrid skills, and a vast number of weapons may fall into these types. Some common examples of hybrid hit skills include:

Slashing/Thrusting: Straight bladed weapons, such as the longsword, which have both a blade and a thrusting tip.
Slashing/Stabbing: Straight daggers, which can be used both to stab and cut.
Slashing/Punching: Punch daggers, which combine a punch-launched attack with the ability to make lateral slashes.
Thrusting/Chopping: Halberds and other polearms, with both an axe blade and a spear tip.

Melee Weapon Hit

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