Weapon Damage

There are four basic skills for weapon damage, one of which is fairly uncommon, and a small number of hybrid skills between them, each of which must be trained separately. The basic skills are:

Bladed: For dealing damage with bladed weapons. Piercing: For dealing damage with pointed weapons. Blunt: For dealing damage with weapons that are neither sharp, nor pointed. Contortion: For dealing damage by forcing the joints of the target to overextend, typically restricted to weapons using the grappling hit skill.

Hybrid skills, which are marked by the skills they are a hybrid of, separated by a /, may include any combination of two or more of the above skills, must be trained separately, but may be treated as related skills to any of of the skills they are hybrids of. Typically, weapons that use hybrid skills include those with multiple means of dealing damage, though they may also include weapons whose damage is intermediate between the above types. Common hybrids include:

Bladed/Piercing: For weapons such as longswords or straight daggers, which can cut and pierce alternately. Bladed/Blunt: For weapons such as axes, whose mode of dealing damage is intermediate between the other types. Blunt/Piercing: For weapons such as clubs with long enough spikes, where a single blow may be lethal either for it’s crushing impact or from the resulting impalement.

Weapon Damage

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